I wasn't sure if you realized how much you classes have empowered and inspired me.  This year has been the harder year of my life, besides working full time and being a single mom. My mom passed away late January... She was my best, my inspiration and my hero. We battled cancer for 2 years before she passed, since she lived with me it was the hardest thing imaginable. 2 months after she passed away my grandfather passed away, it was a double whammy!  I was in my darkest place ever when I found your studio! In only a short time feel like I'm renewed! I feel passionate and excited about life... This is what your studio has done for me...and all the gals I've meet along the way! So from the bottom of my heart.... Thank you!!! Sincerely Jaime



Thank you for the class today.I really enjoyed it. I'm surprised this is more than I expected! You are so good at what you do, and that's not just teaching how to dance, but also being a coach for personal development. You are amazing for creating this group. I don't think I can find this anywhere else: get to feel sexy, get to work on personal growth, and get to share personal issues. All my life it's always academic stuff and following rules. I never feel confident or comfortable with myself. I suppress my feelings until sometimes I don't even know how I feel. Right now I'm trying to get to know who I am and getting in touch with the strong confident side of me which I know exist. I love how I get to express the sensual part of me and I know this is going to help me in a relationship as well. I normally just stay home most of the time, so I feel awkward in social situations. Right now my goal is just to feel comfortable in class and have fun. The expression part is the goal for long term. It's something I struggle with all my life. I'm looking forward to the next class. 




"A very well rounded class incorporating dance, pole work and heartfelt support. Not the average type of pole dancing class. Thank you!"

from Amy~ 


Part 2 from Amy 

"Safe, supportive and fun with thorough instruction and oversight throughout entire class."


"Great! The teacher is awesome and patient in helping the students get the most out of the class. Also, is a nice time to fellowship with other women who are very welcoming."

from Alaskan Bella~


“ This is more than a pole class; this is a safe space that brings together all different types of women for various reasons. It is a fun time to be with others who are positive, supportive and absolutely beautiful. This class has taught me so much about myself and brought out the best in me. It was from attending the very first time I realized how much I needed it and look forward to every class I can attend. ”

from Marisha


“ This class means so much to me. It is not just a dance class, it is therapy. Always fun, full of positive energy, and always unconditional love. I have grown as a person and made so many wonderful friends. ”

from Deborah


“ awesome! ”  from Rachel


“ go for it ...try it! Every woman should trust herself and feel/express herself to this beautiful facet of her life..especially when you have such a magnificent teacher none other ”'

from Claudia K

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