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We would love for you to join us for our BIG Holiday Show and Party on Saturday, December 16th at The Colony Theater in Burbank.  Whether a date night, girls night out, or flying solo this will be an event worth coming to during the holiday season.  This is unlike any other Pole and Burlesque show and it is a truly unique and inspiring experience. Come see a different side of Pole Dancing...an artistic, creative, expressive movement that presents each woman's unique and beautiful Goddess.  We would love to hear you whooping it up and supporting us in the audience!


This show is a truly fun and unique experience which presents each woman in their most empowered state through pole and burlesque movement.   The Goddesses Empowered training program transforms the everyday woman into a performer, dancer, and goddess. The show shares a very special message about a movement that has a stigma associated with it.  It is a unique experience that combines video storytelling with live dance performances.  You will be inspired, entertained, and proud of the women who will be courageous enough to share their story and take the stage.  We would love for you to come out, enjoy the show, and support us :)  This will be our holiday party show where you can shop, sip, snack, and sit for a spectacular evening of entertainment! 


Ticket are $30.00 


Payment method (without service charges):

Venmo: https://venmo.com/flyingcurvesstudio

Paypal: christinavill@gmail.com **must press option for friends and family to avoid service charges

You will receive tickets via email!

Goddesses Empowered: The Show 6~ Videos
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