Do you want to try something new, daring, different while discovering your true woman and bringing out the sexy in her? Check out my pole and exotic dance classes! You say the pole? Yikes! I can't do that. I'm not strong enough! I don't have any dance experience! What would people think of me? I'm not coordinated, sexy enough, thin enough, etc, etc. I have heard this all before. I used to come up with all these excuses myself and then I came across this movement that led me down the path of such wonderful discovery of who I was and the power I had no idea I possessed.  This classes are unique in that it is a blend of movement therapy, pole fitness, and pole dance in one.  You will learn no much about what you are capable of while toning your muscles, opening your mind, and becoming a part of an incredible tribe. Come and take a class and let your curves come out to play!


These fun classes consist of women only in a very safe, comfortable, non judgemental, nurturing environment.


What to expect from class?


Oh there is so much! But to start here are some key words of the different things you would learn in different classes...

Pole tricks

Choreographed, very simple, sexy routines

Lap dances

Art of strip tease (no nudity ladies, lol)

Fun themed dress up weeks to explore your inner goddess!

Frequently asked questions: (I'm going to try to answer them before you ask, lol)


Will I be able to do this if I have never taken a dance, pole dance class before?

Yes!!!! I work at your level and no you don't need to have strong arm muscles, you build the more you take!


What would happen in pole class?

The class would be set up in this way.

Warm up -Pilates, yoga based with lots of stretching and exotic dance moves.


Guided movement:

Guided dance movement including learning a sexy walk in heels


Class assignment:

Each week there will either one or more of the aforementioned exercises above (pole, etc) It will always be something new but the warmup will remain the same for the most part.


How long is the class:

1.5 hours 


What do I wear?

Workout clothes ex: yoga pants or sweats and tee or tank top



Ever wanted to dance like a Pussycat Doll or get your sassy sexiness on?  Do you want to feel strong, sexy, and confident? Then you’ll definitely want to learn how to Burlesque Dance with Veruca Sweet!  

This fun and sexy class begins with our signature Burlesque Booty Camp fitness workout followed by easy to follow along choreography for a hot burlesque routine. It caters to all levels, so no previous dance experience is required. 

Just bring your sexy self and get ready to rev up your sultry side! 



Looking for a different type of cardio workout? Do you want to feel strong, sexy, and confident? This 50-minute cardio Burlesque class will get your blood pumping while you shake your hips and shimmy those shoulders to your favorite, fun and sexy tunes.

This class combines basic burlesque dance moves and chair play into fun cardio routines that burn calories and sculpt your body. No dance experience necessary! This class caters to all fitness levels, sizes and shapes. EVERY WOMAN is sexy in this class. You won't even realize you are working out because you will be having SO MUCH FUN! Get ready to sweat sexy!




Take a whirl on our spinning pole and add a new element to your pole game. If are a passionate pole dancer, you will absolutely love the spinning pole! Spinning pole techniques will add more depth to your pole dance journey. Motion sickness be gone, I will show you the moves to help you tame that spinning pole! 

Minimum of 10 classes on static pole 
Basic mastery of static pole climbs sits and spins. 


In order to build the strength to master these moves we recommend that you train at least 2 days a week in the original pole dance classes.



This is a fun choreography-based class that uses very basic pole tricks and sexy burlesque choreo to create easy to learn cute routines with a sprinkling of hair tossing, booty shaking, hip circling, and other fun transitions. For this class you should be prepared to sweat, learn choreography, gain confidence, sex appeal, and most of all have a good time! 


Minimum of 5 pole dance classes For this class don your booty shorts, leg warmers,and your heels and let's get our Pole-esque on!




This is a unique class and a great way to end a week and start the weekend!  Every week new and fun topics will be covered from exploration of individual goddesses, tips on bringing her into the outside world, and many more.  Air out what you need to through individual free style dances.  Dress up,  work it out, let it flow, and leave your worries behind. You will leave this class class feeling absolutely rejuvenated and ready for a great weekend!




Hi!  I'm Christina the owner and instructor here at Flying Curves. I have been dancing for over a decade and studied all different styles of dance including Burlesque, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Pole and Exotic Dance.  I have been teaching pole dance movement for 7 years and I am a pole and burlesque performer as well. My classes are catered to women and women's empowerment. I create a very nurturing sisterhood type of environment that is safe, a lot of fun and confidence building. I am here to help you connect with your inner goddess (she lives in all of us) and help you feel comfortable enough to let her be free to express herself. These classes are unique in that you don't just come in to learn pole discover a whole different side of yourself that you didn't know existed.  Here you are strong and invincible. I work with you at your pace and level to help you reach your goals.  There are no mirrors in the studio as I feel it is important for each student to focus within and not be distracted.  If you FEEL sexy.  You ARE sexy. No mirror gets to dicate how you feel about yourself ;) If you are looking for a change or something new in your life you have found the right place :)  I look forward to meeting you and guiding you on your journey to goddesshood!

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