Hi!  I'm Christina instructor here at Flying Curves Dance Studio.  We are located in the San Fernando Valley in Northridge, CA.  This studio is the private school of pole dance studios. It is an intimate, comfortable environment where I cater to each level and journey separately.  I am here to support you along your journey of self discovery. I work with you at your pace and level to help you achieve your goals.  I create a very nurturing sisterhood tribe that is safe, a lot of fun and confidence building. I am here to help you connect with your inner goddess warrior (she lives in all of us) and help you feel comfortable enough to let her be free to express herself. These classes are unique in that you don't just come in to learn pole tricks...you discover a very different side of yourself that you may not know exists. Here you are strong and invincible.  There are no mirrors in the studio as I feel it is important for each student to focus within and not be distracted.  If you FEEL sexy.  You ARE sexy. No mirror gets to dicate how you feel about yourself ;) If you are looking for a change, a new foxy fitness regimen,  a super fun way to get your beach body ready for the summer,  or if you are going through changes in your life and craving something different, you have found the right place :)  Look under our "student testimonial" tab to hear about what some of the women in here have experienced. 


Please contact me with any questions you may have at christina@flyingcurves.com and/or (747)224-1140. I look forward to meeting you and guiding you on your journey to goddesshood!

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